Satfale Jewellers Holiday Deal Solid 22 Carat 22K Yellow Fine 100% Pure Gold 2MM Square Round 80 Pieces Handmade Beads


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For over 35 years, Satfale Jewellers has been one of the most trusted names in jewelry in India. We are a well-established jewelry name that has grown with our community from a small store to a multiple brand jewelry retailer and Manufacturer. We have served generations of families as their trusted jeweler for brilliant diamonds, beautiful fine jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Religious Jewelry,treasured gifts, custom made styles, Unique Beads and expert jewelry repairs. Satfale Jewellers is committed to make every customer "feel at home" with our personalized service and our classic to cutting edge jewelry designs. Our years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers. At Satfale Jewellers our mission has always been a tradition of trust, high ethical standards, knowledge of our jewelry products and services, fair pricing and value to our customers. Style We believe jewellery is first and foremost a fashion item. A woman's personal style is influenced by current fashion trends, and it is of paramount importance for leaders in the jewellery industry to stay abreast of those trends. Satfale Jewellers prides itself in its ability to translate the latest expressions of style, combined with good design principles, into its jewellery collections. At the same time, we have established what has become known as a uniquely Indian style, incorporating the best of Indian and American design to create a distinctive look that stands on its own merit. Quality Satfale Jewellers is a testament to our continuing and unwavering commitment to quality. In all aspects of our business, quality control is a continuous focus. Ultimately, it is our customers who dictate the level of our workmanship and whose ongoing input and feedback we value most. Innovation In every function within our company, we strive to lead and to adopt the best practices in the industry.
100% Genuine Solid Gold Beads - Fine 22K (22 Carat) Yellow Gold; Suitable for personalized jewelry design; This product consists of 80 pieces solid 22K yellow gold fine 2 mm square round handmade beads